I regret to inform you all that the cat I rescued last fall, Stormcloud, passed away this afternoon due to acute kidney failure and pancreas disease. Being a rescue, I don’t know exactly how old he was, but a veterinarian told me that he was probably at least ten, so I believe he lived a good long life. He died peacefully and naturally at Storybook Acres Animal Rescue, a farm in Conneaut, Ohio, which is run by my former roommate and his mother and which takes care of sick and disabled animals. Mrs. Marshall, my friend’s mother, was very kind in respecting my wishes that Stormy be allowed to pass away naturally instead of using euthanasia. She took excellent care of him in his final months, days and hours, and I am forever grateful for that. If you have a few extra dollars, please consider donating to her amazing nonprofit organization here: http://storybookacres.org/

Now for some poetry. This is a children’s limerick that I wrote last year when I first rescued Stormcloud. Enjoy, and once again, RIP Stormcloud Norman Smith:

Storycloud Limerick