You read correctly: My poem “Aftermath of the Tragedy” has been published in the 2012 Hessler Street Anthology! This is especially important to me because this publication will also include my poetic idol, Michael Salinger! I consider this a great honor!

If you’re not busy that night, please come hear me perform the published poem at Mac’s Backs Paperbacks on Coventry (If you’re from the Cleveland, Ohio area, you should know where this is) on Wednesday, May 9th at 7:00 PM. Michael Salinger and the other published poets will be reading as well, so don’t miss this treat!

If I happen to win a prize at the Mac’s Backs reading (yes, there are prizes!), then I will also be reading on May 20th at the Hessler Street Fair! Even if I don’t win, I still encourage you to attend the Hessler Street Fair and hear the winning poems performed. Support your local poets!

That’s is for now, but check back soon for more new poems!