That’s right: I am a finalist in Writing Knights Press’s Grand Tournament! What does that mean? I’M GOING TO BE PUBLISHED AGAIN!! More specifically, if I win first place in the performance round (a scenario for which I am not getting up my hopes), I will win a full book deal; otherwise, I will be offered a chapbook publication deal. I am SO excited about this! It really is a dream-come-true! I’m so thrilled, in fact, that it hasn’t even fully sunk in yet! If you happen to be anywhere near Lakewood, Ohio, on July 28, please come and listen to all the finalists’ performances! The one thing that would make this even more of an honor would be if I had some friends there to support me as I take the stage!

Stay tuned for results of the Grand Tournament, as well as a NEW POEM that I began composing late last night!