Yesterday evening at the “Best Cleveland Poem Competition” at Willoughby Brewing Co., I participated in the open mic portion of the event, reading “One Last Visit Back In Time To Euclid Beach Park” (I will share that poem in my next blog post). This performance entitled me to participate in a raffle, which I won! I was then asked to read a second poem so that the four judges of the competition could rate the competitors relative to my score. This time, I performed “Ideal Apocalypse”. My mother recorded a video of that performance, which can be viewed at the end of this post.

That brings me to another item of news: “Ideal Apocalypse” has been accepted for publication in the 2013 Hessler Street Fair Anthology. Therefore, I will be performing it again at Mac’s Backs on Coventry on this Wednesday evening for the competition portion of the Hessler Street Fair. Wish me luck, as I will be competing against many of the best poets in the region!

Finally, as promised, here is the video from last night: