Sorry for the long delay! There are several reasons for said delay, none of which I intend to waste time explaining. That said, here are the latest happenings in the world of my poetry:

My chapbook, Smorgasbord, is AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE! You can order your copy(s) here: Buy Smorgasbord here!

If you’re not yet convinced that you should buy a copy of Smorgasbord, have a look at this review which was written for “The Artistic Muse” about the book: Read a Review of Smorgasbord here!

Aside from all the goings-on about Smorgasbord, I have three poems ready to share in the coming weeks, one of which was written for, and submitted to, Writing Knights Press’s upcoming “Karma”-themed poetry anthology!

Also, from among my list of poetic ideas, I have chosen, and begun working on, three new pieces: two song parodies and a Tanka poem! I’m not sure how long it will take to complete those projects, but I am confident that I can and will finish them in due time.

I believe that that is all the news I have to share tonight, but be sure to look for more posts here in the near future!