If you’ve visited here recently, you may have noticed that I’ve created a new page (pages, not to be confused with posts, are listed in the top navigation of this blog) to welcome visitors who arrive via something called the “Poetic Plague Project”. What is the “PPP”, you may ask? Well, it is best explained by its developer, B.M. Stroud, on this page of his website (click here). [Did that help you to understand the workings of the “PPP”? If not, feel free to ask me questions for clarification via a comment on this post and I will get back to you in a timely fashion.] Anyway, the poems which I submitted to the “PPP” to be published as “germs” are two of my personal favorites: “Woodland Retribution” and “Always Remember Me“. As of 4/20/14, I’ve dispensed 3 “germs”, each containing one of the 2 aforementioned poems, and made plans for the placement of an additional 3 “germs”.

Alright; I believe I’ve said enough for one evening. Be 0n the lookout for a new poem sometime this week!