Quickly, before I venture any farther into this post: Happy National Poetry Day!

Now, to business:

Once again, I have failed to post on this blog at a reasonable frequency. As usual, the best thing I can do under these circumstances is to apologize (without making any excuses) and move on:

I apologize for my recurring unreliability in maintaining Kevin’s Journal.

Now, here is a collection of short poems (Tanka & Senryū, to be exact) which, through the use of figurative language, each describe a different element of the late Euclid Beach Park. I wrote and compiled this series as one of several additions to my Euclid Beach Park commemorative display, which I presented at the 10th annual “Remembering The Sights & Sounds of Euclid Beach Park” event this past Sunday. As you will see, these poems deliberately do not clearly state which features of EBP they describe, thus making this a quiz of sorts. Good luck!

Can you identify the elements of Euclid Beach Park described here?