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Big Feature This Week At Mac’s Backs! (+ Room For Improvement?)

I’ve been talking about this in my Facebook posts for a while, but because I’m psyched, here’s one more shameless self-promotion: I’m being featured at this month’s session of Mac’s Backs’ poetry event series! Please be there this Wednesday,  August 12 at 7pm, not only to support me and the other featured readers, but also the venue, which has been a fixture in the Coventry community for years! For those not from the area, here’s the address:

1820 Coventry Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

My performance is going to include at least one new piece, and an optional open mic is included as well! I genuinely hope to see you there!

There is another topic I’d like to address in this post: It has come to my attention that despite my occasional reminders that I welcome feedback, I rarely receive any comments on this blog. This is an issue on which I’d like to work, and in contemplating it, I’ve formed the broader goal of improving the blog in general.

My questions for you are these:

  • What can I to encourage more interaction between my readers & myself?
  • What other steps would you like to see me take to improve this blog?

“Running” by Guest Blogger Julie of “ROJ Running”

Greetings, folks! Please welcome Julie from ROJ Running to the Journal! You can find my end of the blog swap here:


Hello everyone! Today is my second blog swap with OBA and I was super excited to try my hand at a new-old trick. Ha. My name is Julie and I keep a blog over at ROJ Running. ROJ Running is where I share my adventures as an ultra runner, but it is also where I keep you in the loop on my experiences as a mental health counselor, kitchen fan, puppy mommy and every day person.

Kevin runs a wonderful site full of great works of poetry! Please read through some of his other posts if you’re one of my regular readers and if you’re one of Kevin’s, visit his recipe swap for my page here.

Kevin provided me with the challenge and privilege of creating an original poem for my portion of the swap. When I was younger I would write poetry A LOT. All day and all night, it was my therapeutic outlet of choice. In fact I kept a trapper keeper, where I put an old school combination lock through the “Mead” fabric label and the zipper hole to make sure my writings stayed private. Even if I knew one day I’d be famous anyway.

Over 15 year later, I’m still not published.  I’m not famous and even when I did get the courage to self publish on AOL or Geocities, the sites have since been lost to time. So, while I planned to cheat and give you an old poem, I must play nicely and bare my soul.

Running by Julie

Oh and as a treat, if I may, I’d like to share my favorite poem.


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