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“Parental Senryū” (+ an Honorable Mention earned!)

Many of my friends and former classmates have young children. I wrote the following poem while thinking about all of those young families, and I dedicate it to them as well:


Props to those who get the Pollock reference!

In other poetic news, the results are in for the Geauga Park District’s 21st Annual Nature Writing Contest, and I’ve been awarded an honorable mention for “Among The Roots” in the adult poetry category! Browse all of the honored entries at the following link, and join me in celbrating nature and the arts at the Nature Arts Festival on August 7th at Big Creek Park:


One Last Visit Back In Time To Euclid Beach Park

I already introduced this poem in my previous post. Please also see the introduction to my other EBP poem, “Why I Keep The Essence Of Euclid Beach Park Alive”.

One Last Visit Back In Time To Euclid Beach Park

3rd Place and Published!

First, to recap: after winning fifth place in round 1 of the Writing Knights’ Grand Tournament (the manuscript round), I progressed to last night’s performance round.

Now for the new stuff: Out of the five finalists, I WON 3RD PLACE! The competition was tough (congrats to Skylark for her 1st place finish!), but rehearsing my material really helped, both at home and at last Sunday’s “Living Poetry of Karma Koffee” event. What does winning 3rd place mean? Although I don’t get a full book deal, I will receive my very own CHAPBOOK PUBLICATION! I am still awaiting the details on this, but I am definitely excited!

In the meantime, my poem “Why I Keep the Essence of Euclid Beach Park Alive” has been published in Volume 1 of the Writing Knights’ “The Squire” Grand Tournament Anthology!

Keep checking back here to find out when my chapbook is released!

Finally, a big thank-you to everyone who continues to support me, and to my brother for providing my transportation to last night’s event!

Why I Keep The Essence Of Euclid Beach Park Alive

Euclid Beach Park was an amusement park in Cleveland, Ohio on the shore of Lake Erie. she closed forever on September 28, 1969, 20 years before my time, but I have researched it thoroughly. Through this research, I have become quite attached to her. For those who, like myself, know where to look, there are a number of remnant landmarks which reveal the park’s past. Anyone who has any familiarity whatsoever with the park, however, will, I hope, appreciate this poem:

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