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“Parental Senryū” (+ an Honorable Mention earned!)

Many of my friends and former classmates have young children. I wrote the following poem while thinking about all of those young families, and I dedicate it to them as well:


Props to those who get the Pollock reference!

In other poetic news, the results are in for the Geauga Park District’s 21st Annual Nature Writing Contest, and I’ve been awarded an honorable mention for “Among The Roots” in the adult poetry category! Browse all of the honored entries at the following link, and join me in celbrating nature and the arts at the Nature Arts Festival on August 7th at Big Creek Park:


Restorative Senryū

Alas, I’ve returned, and with new writings!

I recently had a conversation with a man older and more religious than myself, who said that my honesty regarding my lack of understanding of the nature of the universe (as I worded it at the time, “I believe that anything is possible”) was “a breath of fresh air” for him amid the closed-mindedness of present-day society. The following poem is the result of my own contemplation of his statement:


Poetry à la Meme!

Good morning, everyone!

If we’re friends on Facebook, you may have noticed that I was tagged last night in a poetry meme which is currently circulating among writers. The prompt states that beginning on the day I was tagged, I am to post a poem on Facebook for 5 consecutive days. I intend to fulfill this requirement with impromptu pieces, each inspired by an aspect of the day on which it is written. I began last night with a senryū entitled “Prescription,” and I will follow up tonight with poem #2! I’ll update the list below with all five poems as they are completed:

  1. “Prescription”
  2. “A Gamer’s Acronym Soup”
  3. “An Ally’s Celebratory Reflection”
  4. Drowsy Senryū
  5. Modern Proverb

Ready Set Senryū

Can you tell what this Senryū describes? Comment with your guesses!

Ready Set Senryū

Can you ID These Elements Of Euclid Beach Park? (Tanka & Senryū)

Quickly, before I venture any farther into this post: Happy National Poetry Day!

Now, to business:

Once again, I have failed to post on this blog at a reasonable frequency. As usual, the best thing I can do under these circumstances is to apologize (without making any excuses) and move on:

I apologize for my recurring unreliability in maintaining Kevin’s Journal.

Now, here is a collection of short poems (Tanka & Senryū, to be exact) which, through the use of figurative language, each describe a different element of the late Euclid Beach Park. I wrote and compiled this series as one of several additions to my Euclid Beach Park commemorative display, which I presented at the 10th annual “Remembering The Sights & Sounds of Euclid Beach Park” event this past Sunday. As you will see, these poems deliberately do not clearly state which features of EBP they describe, thus making this a quiz of sorts. Good luck!

Can you identify the elements of Euclid Beach Park described here?

Cyberspace Senryū

I’m back! Let’s skip the excuse-making for my absence and get straight to what’s important: Poetry! Here’s a new little piece that I just came up with this evening:

Cyberspace Senryu

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