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My Least Fav’rite Things: PART 3 (Parody of “My Favorite Things”)

It’s baaaack!

I’ve just composed a third installment in my series of parodies of “My Favorite Things!” I hope you’ll enjoy this latest lighthearted tribute to my personal pet peeves as much as earlier audiences seemed to enjoy part 1 and part 2!

My Least-Fav'rite Things PART 3.png


Kris Kringle’s Year Off

Season’s greetings!

I actually wrote this Christmas comedy poem off-season, but as you’ll soon realize, that’s not entirely inappropriate. Enjoy!

[The full text is below, but I’ve decided to debut this piece in video format:]

Kris Kringle's Year Off

[Obligatory April Fool’s Day Blog Post]

Well, I had trouble coming up with ideas this year for an April Fool’s Day prank, so instead, I’ve decided to share these poetry-themed jokes I found! Simply Click Here!

Cars & Trucks

This poem may look odd, but I am merely imitating the style of this poem which I read on another poet’s blog:

Remember, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!

Cars & Trucks

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