Much to tell, much to do!

There’s lots of news of which to tell! In no particular order, here’s what’s new:

Please watch for updated on these and other topics in the near future!


Kris Kringle’s Year Off

Season’s greetings!

I actually wrote this Christmas comedy poem off-season, but as you’ll soon realize, that’s not entirely inappropriate. Enjoy!

[The full text is below, but I’ve decided to debut this piece in video format:]

Kris Kringle's Year Off

“Thinking Of You”

The following is an older poem of mine, written some time during the latter half of my high school tenure about a friend* who was in the hospital at the time. It is among the first that I ever performed in front of an audience, and while perhaps not my best work in a literary sense, it remains sentimentally valuable to me:

*[To respect my friend’s privacy, I’ve changed her name in this copy of the poem]

Thinking Of You

Check back here next week for my new Christmas-related comedy poem!

Reaping Potential

I’m proud to have been the first guest ever to visit the Skirball Writing Center at the Cuyahoga County Public Library‘s new South Euclid-Lyndhurst branch, which had its grand opening today, and, presumably, the first to write a poem there:

Reaping Potential

Restorative Senryū

Alas, I’ve returned, and with new writings!

I recently had a conversation with a man older and more religious than myself, who said that my honesty regarding my lack of understanding of the nature of the universe (as I worded it at the time, “I believe that anything is possible”) was “a breath of fresh air” for him amid the closed-mindedness of present-day society. The following poem is the result of my own contemplation of his statement:


Big Feature This Week At Mac’s Backs! (+ Room For Improvement?)

I’ve been talking about this in my Facebook posts for a while, but because I’m psyched, here’s one more shameless self-promotion: I’m being featured at this month’s session of Mac’s Backs’ poetry event series! Please be there this Wednesday,  August 12 at 7pm, not only to support me and the other featured readers, but also the venue, which has been a fixture in the Coventry community for years! For those not from the area, here’s the address:

1820 Coventry Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

My performance is going to include at least one new piece, and an optional open mic is included as well! I genuinely hope to see you there!

There is another topic I’d like to address in this post: It has come to my attention that despite my occasional reminders that I welcome feedback, I rarely receive any comments on this blog. This is an issue on which I’d like to work, and in contemplating it, I’ve formed the broader goal of improving the blog in general.

My questions for you are these:

  • What can I to encourage more interaction between my readers & myself?
  • What other steps would you like to see me take to improve this blog?

Evergrow (+ Monthly Co-Feature at Mac’s Backs!)

Good morning! I was going to share a depressing new poem which I recently wrote & revised, but since I’ve had a number of good days lately myself, I changed my mind and composed a more hopeful verse to display in its place. I hope that this poem adds some hope and positivity to your quest for your deepest desire in life:


In other news, I have an invitation for my local readers which I hope you’ll be pleased to accept: I am one of this month’s featured poets at Mac’s Backs on Coventry! I’ll be sharing the stage with 2 other readers on Wednesday, August 12th at 7pm (Click HERE for full info!) As usual, there will be an open reading following the features, so please consider bringing a piece or two of your own! I’m very excited to be given this honor, and I would be thrilled to see a good turnout, so please jot this down in your calendars!

If you won’t be able to make it, or you just want even more poetry and entertainment in your life (I wouldn’t blame you!), keep in mind that you can often find me & numerous other talented individuals at various other Cleveland-area venues’ open mic events, including:

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